Autism and CEASE Therapy

I first learnt about treating autism with homeopathy when I was in college, a friend of mine was doing her project on it and we discussed the basics in class.

To be honest I hadn.t read much about it and as is always the way of learning for me, I have to physically do something and be part of it to learn it organically, not necessarily from books and academia. However somewhere in the universe it was decided that I was to treat Autistic children as one of the first cases I ever had in my practice was a father who found me online to treat his Autistic son! They w anted to try homeopathy and in all honesty it was probably not only the steepest learning curve for me but for my practice too!

Originally I knew of Tinus Smits who formulated the CEASE method of treating children with autistic spectrum expressions. His original ideal was that when you are born you have an empty bucket that equat es to your health. From the time that you are a glint in your father.s eye, you already have the possibility to have many toxicity factors in your make up . each of which is a drop in your bucket of health. So for instance if your father was a regular drug/alcohol user then there are many drops of negative toxicity in the bucket before you are even born. Mum and Dad smoked dope the night you were conceived t hen there are more toxic drops in your bucket and it already has an inch or so of toxicity in the bottom of it before you are even born.

So comes the day of your birth and you are born with mucus and sticky eyes, because the parents smoked the dope and so in the hospital they give you AB's in order to help clear the discharge and the lungs ..more toxic drops..add to that the fact that every child in the UK is given 34 vaccinations before the age of 4.5 and you have many, many more toxic drops into the system. Add onto that any other possible toxins that the system may well have come into contact with . Mum heated your baby food in a microwave in plastic, mum had a glass of wine whilst breast feeding...Dad decides to DIY the house to prepare for the new baby . so there are paint strippers, paints, etc. more toxins that the baby is breathing in that may have an effect if he is already overloaded and has the susceptibility.

Smits felt that the bucket getting full and starting towards the point of overflowing was when a child/adult tips over into poor health and is where the Autism comes to the surface.

Originally he was treating the patients by detoxing them from individual toxins, such as vaccinations, AB's, metals etc. but on a single, one at a time basis. So for instance; the child seemed to get sic k and had symptoms after the 2nd booster of Smits would detox the different individual elements of the vaccination measles, mumps and rubella, one by one.

Running a 'detox course' involves usually 8 weeks...and even then, that course may need to be run several times in order to affect a clear, so it was taking a long time, months and months (sometimes years ) to get the child/patient back to a better sense of balance. With an Autistic child it seems that there is a debate about the fact that you have until they are 7 to help turn them around and bring them bac k to health, before they are fixed into that state for good. Thinking that we have life cycles in 7 year increments that would seem to make sense, but it adds a lot of stress to the parents of the child and that can be passed onto the practitioners treating him/her.

So the latest concept of treating with CEASE therapy is to treat the patient with a detox made up of a mix of all the toxins in one family group.i.e. AB's, or vaccinations in one remedy. This means you c an move through the detoxes more quickly and often with greater results. You cannot mix the toxins..there are groups of steroids, vaccinations, pregnancy medications, contraceptives, paints . phenols etc., heavy metals, recreational drugs you name it there is probably a mix for it and these mixes we call 'Polys'!

The poly AB.s for instance contains 26 different antibiotics. Yet we are treating the patient by giving it to them in one 30c, 200c, 1M, 10M remedy. This means we can clear a large amount of toxicity in one shot! Bearing in mind that often we do not know which vaccination/toxin it was that tipped the child over the edge into Autism, yet we know that they have been exposed to many toxic elements so it may well be a combination of those elements that caused the break down. It seems to be justifiable to give the toxins in a group, because one or maybe all of them in mixture may afford a slight cure to the human organism to help bring it back to homeostasis.

So in my practise now I treat many Autistic/Asperger.s patients with the CEASE method . I also use the method to detox patients who are not Autistic, as this helps to .clear. blockages that may affect an otherwise good prescription and stop it from working. If a patient has used steroid creams, AB's or any other prescription/recreational drugs long term there may be damage to the cells of the body that need to be healed and cleansed before constitutional treatment can work efficiently. I currently treat patients who are alcoholics, drug addicts etc. who all do very well with treatment to detox them from their chosen substance!

CEASE therapy includes concise treatments with supplements, vitamin support etc. Not only are detox remedies given but the patient will receive also on-going constitutional and inspiring remedies as the symptoms dictate during the course of treatment. It is quite an involved process both for the patient and the family, also for your practitioner so you need to be aware of what you are getting into. Howeve r the results can be incredible!

For more information on CEASE therapy and how it can help your family please do not hesitate to get in touch or book an appointment.