Welcome to Emma Field Therapies

I am currently running several successful Homeopathy and Body Work clinics from my home in Surrey and at The Berkeley Clinic, Marble Arch, London. Having been treating patients for over 15 years I have seen all sorts of cases. My youngest patient so far has been 19 weeks old and my eldest 84! What I enjoy most about my job is that I get to work with a variety of people, and help them to achieve their goal of improving their health.



Improving Your Health...Through a Variety of Techniques


Is Your Condition or Injury Restricting Your Life?

Increasingly my work is based on people coming to me with injuries affecting their everyday life. They have limited movement, insomnia, wake up stiff & sore, which in turn impacts on sporting activities and exercise they would like to do. As a result their body condition degenerates further. It becomes a vicious cycle, if you have an injury – you cannot exercise and keep fit, you feel unhealthy, lethargic and limited in your outlook, you can only think of the pain and discomfort you are in – it restricts your life!

Having been a professional dancer and working for a back care centre specialising in ergonomics, postural training and assessment, I have the knowledge and experience to deal with your injury; advise on changes in lifestyle; and provide you with Postural Training and exercise routines required for your rehabilitation from injury to be complete and in many cases lasting.


Good Health Comes From Making Changes

small green appleI advise on Diet & lifestyle, suggest exercises & stretching routines, postural changes, meditation and methods of relaxation in order for the therapy you receive to be incorporated into your everyday life. This way I find that clients come back to just be patched up at regular intervals. It becomes a way of life and therefore is an ongoing preventative measure.

The cases that come to me now continue to be many and varied. I have worked with clients gaining successful results in RSI cases, sciatic pain, lower back pain, shoulder injury, degenerative disc disease, sinus & headache problems, recovery from knee injury and much more. I gain referrals from top
Harley Street Professionals, GP's, the Pain Management Team and work with an extensive network of professionals across many disciplines.

I will provide you an individual treatment based on your needs, be they physical or emotional, the treatment will be tailored just for you.

Let's work together to help your body heal itself...