Emma Field (APNT, ITEC, RSHom, CEASE)

emma field Emma trained as a professional dancer and went on to have a successful career performing in the West End and abroad. In that time she encountered injuries in herself and others and made the decision to train as a massage therapist.

It soon became apparent that these skills were not enough for the types of conditions she was seeing on a regular basis. So she went on to specialise in sports injury work and the biomechanical functioning of the human body.

Her unique form of treatment integrates the whole body, so that she treats holistically. Having suffered a back injury herself and having gone through the rehabilitation process she is not a stranger to the pain and debility that lumbar spine conditions can cause; but is therefore well equipped to advise from first hand experience.

Emma is qualified in CEASE Therapy, Advanced Sports Injury Massage; Swedish Massage; Indian Head Massage; Reiki and is a fully qualified Homeopath (BSc Hons). She has training and experience in CranioSacral Therapy; Ergonomics; and the Alexander Technique.

emma's dog emma's dog

Emma's dog also approves of Homeopathy!

"Thank you Emma for making me well. It means more to me than you would ever know, I have got my life back! All I would say to anyone considering seeing Emma is that it's the best investment you could ever make." L. Thomson, Surrey

"Emma is absolutely brilliant...Everything she recommends works, every time. See her!" Alison

"I think what makes Emma such a good practitioner, is that she is passionate about people....." Mike

"They should put her statue up on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square." Kenneth