Case Study 1

Mary from Buckinghamshire

After having my first child in October 01, I suffered an acute prolapse of L1 and L2 discs and then fell pregnant again quickly with our second child. As a result, I further damaged my back and sciatic nerve and ended up having two lumbar facet denervation operations in January 05 and December 06. So I decided a better mattress would help and after much research, found Back In Action in Amersham.

Emma was working in the Amersham branch that Saturday in February 07. Although I did not buy anything, Emma convinced me that we should meet for a consultation as she was sure she could help my pain management and hopefully prevent further need for operations.

I have been seeing Emma ever since!

It started with weekly treatments and this now down to fortnightly meetings in Amersham. Emma identified a curvature in my body - she said that it looked like I "had been hit on the left side by a ten ton truck" and as a result, my whole body was in a c-shape. From my left foot, which needed corrective orthotics, to my left knee which requires treatment on the calf, up through my backbone to my head, which was at a 15 degree angle to the left, and was impacting tension into my neck and shoulders too – what a mess! But Emma has been working hard with me to get it right and we have been taking photos of the corrective work's progress – quite amazing to see.

As a result of over a year's worth of treatment (and a sit–fit cushion for desk work, a wedge on the car seat, a latex foam mattress, orthotics and a spiky rubber ball) I have made great progress. I have lost over a stone in weight (diagnosed diabetic in March '07), suffer fewer headaches, little back pain, have a more flexible, stronger back with improved posture and my head has almost lost its tilt. There is still a little way to go but Emma has worked hard to help me get better – and no more operations are in sight.

It has been hard work for both of us but with Emma's dedicated massaging hands, her homeopathic knowledge and her reiki and reflexology skills and a little ultrasound treatment on my scar tissue, there appears no end to her skills and my improvement!

I have referred Emma to my neurosurgeon for his other patients and recommended her to colleagues and friends once you meet Emma and see how she can help you, you too will be singing her praises. Thank you Emma for making my daily life more bearable I can pick up my children and cuddle them again, your time has made it all possible and worth while.

Mary from Buckinghamshire

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