Diet & Nutrition

Food Intolerance Testing

This is more and more a large part of my practice work. Often if someone has a condition that can be treated well with homeopathy, clearing their system of toxins that are weakening the immune system on a daily basis is a good place to start. Some patients just want to have testing and find amazing results within a couple of days/weeks. Others find that the combination of the testing, nutritional advice provided and the homeopathic remedies gets them back to healthy balance and feeling great!

emma with a patient

It is especially important to ensure what your child is eating is not hurting them; I have seen children with allergic rhinitis, chronic constipation, autism and many other conditions. By changing what they are eating and not feeding them things they are intolerant of can make the world of difference to their behaviour, their symptoms and their overall enjoyment of life.

"It was lovely to meet you last week at my son's appointment, you have really opened my eyes on intolerances. I hope you don't mind but I am going to be one of those people we discussed who have more questions! I look forward to your answers and more enlightenment?!" Lynda, Surrey

How it works?

It is muscle testing/kinesiology. Every living thing or once living thing has a magnetic energy. If you place two magnets together negative to negative they will repel each other. So you hold your arm out and I apply pressure to it whilst you hold a glass vial containing different food substances.

If you have a negative factor in your gut, i.e. it has been damaged by what you have been eating in some way, when you introduce that damaging substance to the body again (the glass vial of food substance), you will experience muscle weakness as the body repels it (and you will not be able to hold your arm up against my pressure as the muscles go weak).

If you think about it, not only will the muscle that I am testing be weak should you have an intolerance/allergic reaction to a food substance or other allergen, but your whole system will be weakened including your gut.

Over many years I have been using this technique and the feed back is incredible, patients feel better, more energised and their symptoms ease and often disappear altogether once they stop putting into their system the substances that are damaging it. A major concern is 'Will I never be able to eat that food again?', this need not always be forever either, in many cases the body needs time to heal and the gut lining and mucus membranes can once again operate on a normal level. However if it is a long term illness/reaction from food intolerance then the gut lining may well be damaged and we will be looking at a long term change to dietary input.

Obesity. Bloating. Bowel problems. Headaches. It's blamed for everything these days - so should you stop eating bread?

Gluten/Lacto Free Suppliers Listing

I feel that a key part to helping my patients improve their health is educating them to help themselves in their daily lives. I decided to put a database together of Gluten/Lacto free suppliers, to help my patients find the products they need to get the best results from the exclusion diets that are put in place, following my intolerance testing.

So my website now has a gluten/lacto free food suppliers list and a list of suppliers of miscellaneous allergy products. Enjoy!